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Basic Hemorrhoidal Skin Care

  • Dry toilet paper does not get you really clean and if your skin is at all damaged, it will make the anal area difficult to heal and make irritation worse.
  • After a bowel movement, you may use some dry paper to start with, but always finish cleaning with something wet.
  • Acceptable cleaning methods include:
    • Showers and bidets
    • Flushable and non-flushable baby wipes
    • Strong 3-ply toilet paper made wet in the sink
  • Remember: tribal societies cannot afford toilet paper, they wash after bowel movements, and hardly ever get hemorrhoid problems!
  • If the skin has been itchy and irritated…
    After washing, apply a thin coating of a barrier solution. Most creams and ointments rub off in a short time and fail to protect the skin for long. A zinc oxide based ointment like Calmoseptine or Desitin stays on all day and works better than most of the usual hemorrhoid products in the drug store.
  • Chronic itching and irritation symptoms that persist despite good skin care usually means there is an underlying problem, so make an appointment to see me if this is you!
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