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Stool Leakage and Incontinence


Instructions for stool leakage, incontinence, increased stool frequency, and urgency

  • Purchase a bottle of Imodium-AD tablets. The generic brand is just as good, such as CVS/Walgreens “Anti-Diarrhea” medication. Look for Loperamide 2mg on the label as the active ingredient. This is over the counter and no prescription is necessary.
  • Try taking one tablet in the morning after your first bowel movement and see what effect this has. It should slow down your colon and firm up the stools and reduce the frequency of trips to the bathroom and reduce leakage because it makes the stool more dry and solid.
  • Adjust the dose as necessary – if it is too strong and you get constipated, try half a pill next time.
  • If it doesn’t change anything, try taking two pills or more. If you have loose stools in the evenings or you must get up at night, try another pill at bedtime.
  • Keep a record and report to me the results when I next see you.
  • Remember: Loperamide has no short or long-term side effects, so it is safe to take. Overdose will just produce constipation, which will wear off with a little time and your bowels will return to the way they started.


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