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Hemorrhoids seem like an embarrassing problem, but this common issue affects nearly 3 in 4 adults. With over 30 years of experience as a proctologist and colorectal surgeon, Mark Bazalgette, M.D., in Novato, California, is the only specialty-trained and board-certified colorectal surgeon in the area offering in-office hemorrhoid treatments such as infrared coagulation. You don’t have to live with hemorrhoid discomfort; call Dr. Bazalgette or schedule an appointment online today.

Hemorrhoids Q & A

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in your lower rectum and anus. Your rectum is the lowest portion of your digestive tract and holds your stools before they leave your body by way of your anus. Hemorrhoids can develop inside your rectum or underneath the skin surrounding your anus.

Common hemorrhoid symptoms include:

  • Rectal bleeding with bowel movements, especially small, bright red blood on your toilet paper
  • Swelling around your anus
  • Anal itching or irritation
  • Discomfort or pain

A hemorrhoid can also cause a bump near your anus. Sometimes this area is painful or sensitive.

What causes hemorrhoids?

You can develop hemorrhoids for several reasons, including:

  • Being overweight or obese
  • Having chronic diarrhea or constipation
  • Spending long periods sitting on the toilet
  • Straining while having a bowel movement
  • Participating in anal intercourse
  • Consuming a low-fiber diet

You’re also more likely to develop hemorrhoids as you age because the tissue supporting veins in your anus and rectum begin to stretch and weaken. Hemorrhoids are also common during pregnancy because your developing baby puts extra strain on the area.

How do you diagnose hemorrhoids?

Dr. Bazalgette can usually diagnose hemorrhoids during a physical examination. If you have external hemorrhoids, he can often see them during your exam. Additional tests might include a digital rectal exam, where Dr. Bazalgette checks your rectum for signs of abnormalities.

Some hemorrhoids can be difficult to detect during a physical exam, so Dr. Bazalgette could also use a proctoscope, anoscope, or sigmoidoscope to get a closer look at your rectum and lower areas of your colon.

In some cases, Dr. Bazalgette might also recommend a colonoscopy to evaluate your entire colon.

How do you treat hemorrhoids?

Dr. Bazalgette could recommend a variety of treatments to address your hemorrhoids, depending on your symptoms and their severity. In addition to topical treatments or medications to relieve your pain, inflammation, and swelling, Dr. Bazalgette also offers minimally invasive therapies in his office.

Rubber band ligation

This common procedure uses a tiny rubber band to cut off the blood flow to internal hemorrhoids.

Infrared coagulation

This technique uses a special chemical solution injected in the area to shrink your hemorrhoid tissue.

In some cases, Dr. Bazalgette might recommend surgical treatment. Dr. Bazalgette is the only physician in the area who provides infrared coagulation and hemorrhoid surgery in the area.

Don’t put off dealing with the discomfort of hemorrhoids any longer. Call Dr. Bazalgette or schedule an appointment online today.